The Alef Trust is delighted to welcome you to the 24th International EUROTAS Conference in the magnificent city of Oxford, UK, from the 4th-8th September 2024.  We look forward to sharing the transformative energy that Alef Trust has brought to the transpersonal world in its first ten years!

  • Join us in September 2024 to share your visions of what is new and vibrant in research, in ways of practice, and in applied transformative perspectives around the world.
  • Connect with other leading thinkers and practitioners, both in transpersonal psychology and in cognate areas, who will be presenting their work, and focusing on the creative bridges they see as crucial to our future.
  • Immerse yourself in featured panel discussions, workshops and individual papers, as well as social and cultural events.
  • Contribute to stimulating networking and the sparking of new ideas.
  • Participate in the energy for exploration and spiritual renewal for our times.

In partnership with the Transpersonal Psychology section of the British Psychological SocietyScientific & Medical Network and further collaborations tbc.

We look forward to sharing a call for participation soon!
In the meantime, you can sign up here to receive updates (scroll down for contact form)

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