“So why do you do this Jade? Teach people how to have out-of-body experiences?” I get asked this question all the time. I used to say…eight years ago I had an out-of-body experience that transformed my life. I left my own company and a career in the arts, went back to university, researched it for my Msc in Transpersonal Psychology, studied in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple for five years, wrote a peer viewed paper and made a film about it on Amazon prime. Now I teach people how to do it for self-growth and well-being.

And that’s true, but it’s not the real reason. My reason is my dad. Two years ago I was sat in meditation when tears began to flow. I realised that I had grief buried inside me that was trying to save my dad by helping others to astral project. He died 18yrs ago and suffered with mental health issues all his life. He was a mixed race Indian man who grew up in white working class Britain during the 1980s. He never knew his father and went searching for him in India. He didn’t find him and it broke his heart. Before his death he was having spontaneous OBEs about his father. These are known as ‘evolutionary’ OBEs which the psyche can trigger as a form of healing and self-actualisation, particularly when we’re in need of insight and guidance. I didnt know this back then. But I do now and it’s changed everything. In that meditation I realised that I’m building the community he needed, one that could have potentially saved his life. Because he had no one to share his stories with, but my tribe does.

Deep bows to the Alef Trust for opening the door to this incredible journey. Without their scholarship and training I wouldn’t be where I am now. Following my graduation, I’ve been honoured to teach the cast of the hit Netflix show Behind of Her Eyes, created the astral travel programme for the global self-growth platform Mindvalley, and have been a guest teacher for the Monroe Institute (where the CIA learnt OBEs). And I’m thrilled to be facilitating the first longitudinal study on the transformative effects of OBEs with the Institute of Noetic Sciences later this year. It’s been a crazy ride. But by far, the most rewarding part of all of this, is teaching people like Dave down the pub. People like my dad.

Jade is currently hosting a 5-day Bootcamp, where she aims to take her students towards a Vibrational State – one of the foundational steps towards out of body experiences. The program starts on the 18th March and can be a great first step if you’re interested in exploring Astral travel. If you’d like to join her, follow this link.

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