At the age of seven I was looking out my bedroom window at the sky. I felt drawn to the expansiveness and then it was as if I merged with it to became part of it. It was beautiful for a moment but then my brain tried to make sense of what I was experiencing and I was immediately engulfed with confusion and became overwhelmed. Although the experience itself was beautiful the immediate aftermath was frightening. My intellect couldn’t reason what had happened and was seriously confused.

All through my youth and into my teens I had a tendency to wonder about life and search for the true nature of reality or what I have come to call the perennial truth. I struggled in school, would retreat into my own solitary company and then eventually in an attempt to fit in, I rebelled and got into all sorts of bother!

Outwardly, I was part of the gang and playing that role really well but internally I was living a different introspective existence. I could always sense the Divine or God or Source or the Absolute or Brahman or whatever you call that which came before us and is how we are here. Connecting to this energy I was my natural Self although I still couldn’t understand or articulate it and certainly wouldn’t discuss it with anyone else. I continued to live this double existence, outwardly playing the role to fit in and inwardly loving the connection but never getting beyond the initial sense of awareness.

All my life I have had this dichotomy between my external and internal Self. This continued in my studies and career between Real Estate and Metaphysics. The former gifted me a comfortable life and grounding while at the same time affording me the time, space and resources to follow the latter.

The dichotomy continues…I’ve been very successful with my property career but also ended up insolvent after the property crash in 2008. I’ve also been very successful in my metaphysics career as a speaker and author but also broke down, succumbed to depression, and was hospitalised for three months in 2019. All of this has helped me in my journey of realisation of the true nature of reality.

Since that experience when aged seven, looking out my bedroom window, I have always been searching for the perennial truth of the true nature of reality. My first glimpse of it was when studying for my BA in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science where I began to get a sense of the truth.

Then my personal studies of meditation and Vedanta brought me to a deeper experience of it. My studies then with the Alef Trust and my MSc in Consciousness Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology brought me to a much deeper appreciation of the emerging truth. I am still on this journey of discovery and am sharing it in my books and presentations where I share my journey, search, and discoveries of the true nature of reality.

My first book was The Secret of Life and the message in this book was to “live life fully and become all you are capable of becoming”.  I produced associated audio and meditation CDs and DVD and developed it into a seminar presenting it in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, Spain, Germany, the US and Australia.

Now with my latest book, The True Nature of Our Reality, I have come closer to what I believe is the perennial truth. Not just with my personal experiences but now with my further academic studies, I can more successfully articulate and explain the discoveries I have made.

I was driven to write this book from an inner compulsion to share what I have discovered to date to be the true nature of reality which I summarise in the first page of the book.

“The past is memory the future is imagination and all that is real is the present moment. In every moment remember you are an integral part of a greater Divine plan with a unique purpose that must be expressed.”

There was an urgency with this writing on the basis that I and many more have sensed we are experiencing a paradigm shift in the evolution of humanity which is why there appears to be so much turmoil in the world. It is a global awakening instigating a realisation of the perennial truth which humanity is experiencing.

To summarise the message in the book we have been conditioned to be who we think we should be as opposed to who we are. Our intellect has become over intoxicated with technological stimulation at the expense of our other senses of Self. Our global systems are failing with economic, financial, political, religious, health systems all breaking down. Our individual awakening is being triggered for most by a breakdown itself ignited by what is now a mental health pandemic globally. We are being forced to re-evaluate our understanding of reality by moving beyond our intellectual reasoning towards conscious awareness. The destination is a new global system which is emerging as an imperative to the survival of humanity which will bring us closer to the end goal Nirvana – Heaven on Earth.

This is ultimately where I believe we are evolving to, and which is achievable now – a state of conscious awareness where we can experience Nirvana – Heaven on Earth.
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