The human race will rise again
as the cold hard masculine mind opens up
to the soft warm spirit of the feminine
and our frozen ego-selves begin to melt
and we feel our oneness with the world again
as selfishness gives way to empathy
and hierarchy to equality
and the impulse to connect transcends
the desire to control and dominate.

The human race will rise again
as our senses begin to wake from centuries of sleep
and nature shines with sacredness again
and we’re dazzled by the world’s pristine beauty
and awed by the depths of meaning which open up
beneath the old flat surface of reality.

The human race will rise again, and is slowly rising now.
The shift is slowly settling.
Balance is returning, new structures are emerging,
patterns of vibrant new colours and shapes
with a new kind of harmony, more complex and dynamic,
an order that’s stronger because it incorporates chaos,
a sanity that’s deeper because it arose out of madness.

The human race will rise again
and life will no longer be a frenzied struggle, full of stress and fear
but a rich, glorious adventure, full of grace and ease,
no longer a punishment to be endured, but a privilege to be savoured.

We were born for wholeness, and we will be whole again.
We were born for joy, and we will return to joy.

The human race will rise again.
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