Transpersonal community

  1. Conscious Community Initiative
A key strand of our Conscious Community Project supported by Fondation Salvia is the creation of an overarching research network investigating integrative and transpersonal approaches to societal challenges and change. Our call-out for local project proposals from members of the Alef community resulted in an impressive range – and quality – of  Conscious Community Project […]
  1. Corona & Beyond: Dialogues
  2. Eco-Community
This dialogue in the Corona & Beyond summer series examined the function and power of story in the process of transpersonal self-authorship as a way of re-building identity via an intergrative sense of self in a new and changing world. Participants were invited to reflect on ideas related to self in relationship to others, an […]

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Healing Sound Journey

Multidimensional Trauma & Transformation with Regina Hess & Jessica Bockler

Professional Certificate: Transpersonal Coaching Psychology

Professional Certificate: Psychedelics, Altered States & Transpersonal Psychology

Art & Science of Transformation: bridging inner/outer work in our troubled times- Dr Marilyn Schlitz

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