Through this evolving programme and community  of Nurturing the Fields of Change we aim to nurture between us the fields for paradigm change, honouring our deeper nature and embeddedness in the world, and galvanising our action potential by developing conscious, integrative, full-spectrum responses to our perceived predicaments and visions.

We approach holistic change facilitation with the awareness that our deepest inner nature is embedded in nature at large. Therefore, the core content of this programme is built around transpersonal, depth-psychological and ecological principles. Throughout our time together, we will attune to natural patterns and rhythms and listen to our intuitive, emotional, somatic, and vital intelligences and what they invite us to do or undo…

Immersion in the natural cycles and seasons of holistic change

  • Autumn: Attune and plan.  We commence our journey in the autumn, engaging in integrative planning and self-inquiry, preparing the soil. We will attune to our contexts and consider the structures and containers that may be most conducive for coherent processes to unfold. We will explore the individual and collective realities of the terrain in which we are working. From here, we will cultivate integrative practice, attending to the multidimensionality of ourselves and of our work. We will access and work with our deep imagination and explore nature design principles for project planning. We will explore the ethics of holistic approaches to change facilitation and consider what we need for our community and sense of connection, so we can feel safe and supported in our co-created online spaces.
  • Winter: Pause and incubate. Winter prompts us to go inward and listen deeply to our multiple intelligences, honouring their voices and developmental impulses. We will sense into the challenges and obstacles that are present, within and beyond us. We will listen deeply to the underlying narratives of separation and individualism that are rooted in our Western culture and contemporary consciousness. And we will enter a shared dreaming process, noticing the new archetypal stories that want to emerge through us, honouring our interbeing and the sacred sources that shape our lives. Intuitions may gestate and more subtle information may come to the fore. As our awareness deepens, we calibrate our pacing, and continue to build feedback loops into practice planning and delivery. We will open to the healing field of self-regulation that is inherent in nature. And we will practise deep relating, to help us grow as a conscious community.
  • Spring: Notice what grows.  In the spring of our shared journey, we will immerse ourselves in diverse aspects of change facilitation. We will consider what is needed for holistic change facilitation to be most meaningful and valuable in any given context, considering systems sensing and conscious stake-holder engagement alongside facilitator capacities and practice ethics.
    We will explore holistic change as a multidimensional evolutionary expression of our deeper human potential and participation in local and global ecosystems. We will consider both the flourishing and challenges encountered through projects and approaches from around the world. We will refine our approaches to participatory engagement with all stakeholders, meeting people on their terms, appreciating their perspectives and understanding their ways of being and doing.
  • Summer: Appreciate what is flowering. Harvest & celebrate. The summer brings our journey to its culmination. We will celebrate its fruits and reflect on what has not taken root and grown. We will explore transpersonal and participatory approaches to research, considering the ethics and conundrums that evaluation presents us with, in a world that is overly identified with reductive measurement and quantification. Together, we will apply the art of visionary storytelling that can help inspire new ways of being and doing. We will explore metaphors, poetry and the arts as vehicles for sharing visions, and we’ll examine how to understand and relate to audiences from all walks of life. Lastly, we will calibrate our intentions and start to prepare the soil for the next cycle.

    We hope you will join us!

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