I am thrilled to be able to share my recently published book “Rhyme & Reason – The Dream”, with you, and take you on a journey through love, darkness, light and inner awakening, to help ignite your connection to your own internal heaven, right here on earth.

Poetry has always been my preferred form of self-expression and a way to make sense of the world around me. As an introspective child, I was inquisitive with many observations and questions that adults around me seemed unable to explain, or answer to my satisfaction. I kept a diary and would jot down my thoughts on a regular basis. I felt there was more to life than this.

Around the age of 16, I began to get answers. It felt like they were from an age-old, more humorous version of myself. The answers seldom arrived in verbal form, but rather as an intuition or sense of knowing, which I found easiest to convey through poetry. I would subsequently write, trying to capture the essence of these insights as accurately as I could, and preserve these nuggets of wisdom. Little did I realise that these were my very first intuitive inquiries.

Humour played a crucial role in the delivery of the messages. It has been a treasured gift throughout my life, frequently bringing a sense of lightness and levity to difficult situations. As a child, I sometimes felt like a visitor here on earth, trying to make sense of it all. The humorous insights allowed me to navigate some of the more complex emotions I was feeling. They also heralded more joy, love and consciousness into my life, which played a vital role in balancing the fear that was often inside of me.

A near-death drowning experience, at the age of eight, gifted me with an internal connection to a place of oneness and simultaneous nothingness. Initially, this felt a little overwhelming, however, over time, it became my refuge. As a teenager, I spent hours here, in this space of love and peace, just being. It felt like home. It was only many years later that I discovered that this was not a space within me, but rather my essence, my true nature.

It also sparked my desire to help others to find a way to connect to this internal heaven on earth, without having to undergo an NDE. This served as the driving force for establishing my holistic centre. I was determined to provide a sacred space in the physical realm, specifically designed for this purpose.

Between 2012 and 2022 my spiritual journey intensified as old, conditioned patterns began to resurface for examination and integration. The poems in the book “Rhyme and Reason – The Dream” emerged as an echo of this chapter of my soul journey.

During this time, I also completed my MSc. which was invaluable in offering scientific perspectives to my experiences and helping me to discern between the innate wisdom of the higher self and the evolving intellect of the human mind, heralding in new levels of consciousness.

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