Over the past 3 months of lockdown in Italy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my wife and I compiled a list of Reset Resolutions that we believe might be of value to people around the world and our environment, as we enter the Post-Corona Paradigm.

We approached the lockdown period as a retreat in which we paused regularly to reflect deeply on the global situation, viewing it as a wake-up call for humanity to reset its values and priorities, and to update our collective operating system from ego-centeredness to eco-centeredness.

We believe that the pandemic and the way in which a majority of populations around the world have reacted to it bears the potential for a Post-Corona paradigm shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. Herein lies an opportunity for human beings to more consciously and collaboratively co-create the conditions for a better world – a new normal in which people can look at life through new eyes, with open hearts and with a deepened appreciation for the value of our connection to each other, to our environment, and for the small things that make a big difference.

The 10 Reset Resolutions listed below are intended to serve as a set of simple principles or guidelines for those who want to co-create a brighter present and future for themselves and for all inhabitants of our precious planet:

Jevon Dangeli_Reset Resolutions for the New Paradigm

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