Jevon Dangeli's articles

  1. Book Corner
The second edition of the Transpersonal Coaching Handbook (TCH) was launched on 4th March 2021 by the book’s lead author Jevon Dangeli (Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Course Leader at Alef Trust). The TCH is a comprehensive, interactive, and practical guide for coaches at all levels, including anyone interested in learning the transpersonal approaches to coaching and […]
  1. Holistic Wellbeing
The Open Awareness Resource Hub (OA Hub) was launched online by Jevon Dängeli on 27th November 2020. It includes hundreds of free resources (videos, podcasts, articles & more) to help people reduce stress and fear, while empowering them to achieve win-win-win results in all areas of life.  What is Open Awareness (OA)? OA is an expansive perception that […]


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