The Transpersonal Coaching Handbook (TCH) is a comprehensive, interactive, and practical guide for coaches at all levels, including anyone interested in learning the transpersonal approaches to coaching and problem solving. In addition to covering, step by step, the core coaching methods and skills of the Transpersonal Coaching Model, this 430-page e-book is also abundant with links to related and useful free resources.

One of the purposes of the TCH is to present multi-perspective and grounded ideas about the value of transpersonal coaching and the various contexts in which it can be beneficial to individuals and groups. To fulfil this purpose, articles and essays by practitioners who use transpersonal coaching methods are included in the “Theory and Evidence” chapter of the book. These practitioners include graduates of the Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Certificate Programme at Alef Trust.

Transpersonal coaching is the theory and practice of coaching that takes a holistic and integrative approach to supporting client growth and transformation. This is achieved through tailored processes for clients (individuals or groups) to identify what provides them with a sense of meaning and aliveness, which in turn, supports clients to find ways of purposefully expressing this – in their work, their personal life and within relationships.

The role of the transpersonal coach is to support clients to develop a more expansive sense of self and in so doing, help them to access the necessary resources (social, emotional, psychological and spiritual) that will aid them in attaining their fullest potential.

The Transpersonal Coaching Model emerged and evolved from my own explorations and experiments, synthesizing holistic coaching theories and methods that I have been applying in coaching sessions over the past 20 years. Continually taking inspiration from teachers, students and clients has led to this unique coaching model branching into various applications that are adaptable according to what each client presents and to what emerges for them through the coaching. Examples of these applications are the Holistic Integration Process, the Open Awareness Integral Process, and several others. Perhaps of most importance is that this model and all its variations is based upon holding the liminal space for clients, involving subtle skills that enable deep trust and promote transformation – all of which are covered in the TCH.

Looking around in the world today – one thing is clear – we need different solutions. Transpersonal coaching is all about unlocking our perspectives and integrating eco-logical (win-win-win) solutions.

Discover how you can use transpersonal coaching approaches in all areas of your life, work and play!

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