The New Paradigm Navigators are the next generation of spiritual scientists looking to navigate the tumultuous times and worrisome waters we find ourselves in. Avoiding the many rocks of dangerous ideologies, politics and nihilism, guided by our divine creativity and the love in our hearts into a new paradigm – a new balanced and sustainable way of life. This year of preparing our Symposium and working on different personal projects has proven that our missions and hearts align, despite our differences and many walks of life. There’s more than one ship and more than one lighthouse that we are building and here let me share our first co-envisioned dream; our project-song, that has birthed the upcoming event – Students of Spiritual Science Online Symposium taking place over the weekend of Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July.

Our  Project Song
“We created an accessible, engaging, inspiring and thriving community hub for the students of spiritual science to step forward and to be involved in debates – leading us to develop into a distinguished subculture with ease and a safe space to express ourselves. This came about in a fun, inspiring and artistic flow where we could loose ourselves in the creative process because the project planning was both efficient and participatory.

We created a collaborative, safe, warm and nourishing Work-Tribe – a community and container to help us cope with everyday stress by turning it into excitement and lifting each other up. A source of inspiration where we could be connected on a deeper level and to be of service – feeling seen, trusted and supported in our responsibilities and endeavours. Through this we were able to craft our personal perspectives on consciousness for realising a wider good and allowing intersectionality for expanding the scope of well-being beyond the rigidity of existing paradigms, discovering the true essence of life and finding many like-minded people. We felt heard and equally valued, being able to speak our hearts while contributing to good intergenerational communication. We welcomed complexity and diversity as a source of inspiration.”

Personally, I feel I’ve found colleagues and friends for many years to come, with whom I’m willing to not only take collective voyages into the future, but to build entire heart-centred enterprises and alliances. The mycelia has been spreading and our first mushroom is ready to pop, see you at the Symposium!

Symposium schedule and details
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