A key strand of our Conscious Community Project supported by Fondation Salvia is the creation of an overarching research network investigating integrative and transpersonal approaches to societal challenges and change. Our call-out for local project proposals from members of the Alef community resulted in an impressive range – and quality – of  Conscious Community Project applications. Reaching a final decision was certainly a challenge for the panel!

We are delighted to congratulate the following successful projects:

Tania Botoulas: “Mend” – Stitching lives together (South Africa). A support group for mothers of children with severe learning difficulties, with activity focus around learning the art of stitching and appliqué.

Owen Fender & Lila Moore:
 Sentient – A New Kinder Media (UK). A deep-dive into how creative and transpersonal events can be co-created online and offline, using new technologies to build deeper human connections.

Paula Staunton, Earth Moves: Transforming Land, Transforming People (UK). A transpersonal permaculture project, transforming land and people.

Hennie Geldenhuys: Inner Healing for Outer Health: a course in integrated medicine (South Africa).

We are also excited to announce that we are co-creating a new mentorship programme for Integrative Practice Leaders. We are evolving and piloting this programme with two grant recipients, who are establishing Integrative Practice in their respective communities:

Victor Jivanescu: Learning through Integrative Practice (Romania). A 12-week programme, introducing to Integrative Practice to adults in a community in Romania.

Laura Harvey: Integrative Yoga Programme (UK). An online course for yoga practitioners, nurturing their wellbeing and integrative development through and beyond yoga practice.

Project leaders are already working with their mentors and getting started. They will be introducing their projects and vision through a series of short articles here in The Alef Field, and sharing their stories of the unfolding journey during the year. Watch this space for updates!


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