In this recent conversation, Marjorie Woollacott Ph.D chatted with Bethany Butzer Ph.D. about the upcoming Creative Bridges: Embodied Consciousness, Psyche & Soul in Research and Practice EUROTAS conference.

Marjorie is a Professor of Neuroscience, and shares that she also had a self-transcendent experience that led to an interest in meditation, consciousness, and spirituality. Marjorie will be giving a keynote talk at the conference. She describes Creative Bridges 2024 as a perfect opportunity to bridge mainstream scientific topics with transpersonal psychology, both topics close to her heart and professional interests.

Over the next weeks leading up to the conference we will be sharing more clips from this conversation, as a way to show that these types of bridges are indeed occurring, and to perhaps inspire you to join us at the conference!

Join us in the magnificent city of Oxford, UK, for lively discussions and many opportunities to connect with the wider transpersonal community in person, through the various conference and social events from 4-8 September. Pre-and post- conference workshops are also taking place from 2-3 September, and 8-11 September.

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