Inner Healing Outer Health: How do we integrate the holistic and multidimensional approach into modern healthcare?
Can we teach healthcare practitioners how to merge the transpersonal into their practice in an effective and pragmatic way?
What changes do practitioners experience in themselves and their practice when they engage with integral practice, mindfulness and awareness training, and a study of the psychosomatic?

I have practised as a medical doctor within the modern healthcare environment for decades. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve felt limited by my training and skill set.  “There’s so much more going on here below the surface for me and my client”, I would say to myself. “But I don’t know how to approach those dimensions. Surely I can be a better healer?”

It was only in the later years of exploring my practice that I discovered the magic of transpersonal coaching and what that could mean for my profession. The Inner Healing Outer Health workshop is a manifestation of that exploration.

Healthcare practitioners across the spectrum of healthcare disciplines will be invited to participate in a 16-week online workshop. Through curated readings, experiential exercises, exploration of open awareness, integral practice, interactive group discussion and applied case scenarios, we will embark on a journey. How that journey develops and where it ends, and what that means for each individual and the group, is what this project is all about.

Not only does the Inner Healing Outer Health workshop aim to empower the practitioners who take part in the course, but we also aim to learn from the process, and to discover how a workshop of this nature could be scaled up in a viable and meaningful way.

My vision is of a healthcare system that spans across the entire human experience, that takes us back to our healer roots. Practitioners within that system are equipped to deal with the deeper dimension of themselves and their clients. But in a pragmatic manner, in an applied fashion that is able to be integrated into a busy, daily clinical practice.

This CCP project is a step into that vision.

[Image: Anatomy in Union/ Gerd Altmann]
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