Alef Trust are delighted to join the Inner Development Goals global initiative as an academic partner! Inner development and its role in helping us achieve more sustainable and equitable ways of being and doing is at the heart of Alef Trust’s vision and guiding principles. Fredrik Lindencrona Jan Artem Henriksson Åsa Jarskog Katharina Moser Daniel Hires 🌍 – thank you!

Now we are looking at the many ways in which this collaboration can be nourished and developed. We are participating in the IDG Global Leadership for Sustainable Development programme; and we are collaborating with other stakeholders from academia and the public and private sector to grow a ‘minimum viable ecosystem’ galvanising inner development for sustainability in the UK. Research circles and applied hubs are in creation, and we are working to showcase transpersonal and holistic approaches to the big questions of our time.

Here just some of the areas that are researched in our community:
·        The links between awakening experiences and pro-ecological behaviour
·        Transpersonal approaches to peacebuilding
·        Consciousness and leadership performance
·        Embodied permaculture: Being-centric ecological systems design
·        The role of imagination in social change
·        Transforming childhood trauma using active imagination
·        Applying transpersonal principles in secondary education
·        Understanding transpersonal social engagement
·        Storytelling in times of uncertainty and transition
·        Transpersonal engagement and corporate responsibility

Kudos to our researchers: Elizabeth Halliday Valerie Reichmann, MSc Dan McTiernan Juliette Ttofa Adi Vickers Francesca Hector Terry Sexton and many others in our research community!

🌏 We are looking forward to contributing to the Inner Development Goals Summit in Stockholm & online, from 16-18 October.

And before then Alef Trust is hosting the international Eurotas conference Creative Bridges 2024: Embodied Consciousness, Psyche & Soul in Research & Practice this year where ‘inner work and social change’ is one of the themed tracks. The hundreds of submissions already received are deeply inspiring and cast a bright light in the darkness of our times. Thank you to all who are weaving this beautiful and empowering web of light around the globe!

Want to contribute? Conference submissions are open until 30th April 2024. Join us:

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