Woodlands / Lucy Sam

“I find walking amongst the trees peaceful and healing, and my connection with the ancient woodland is ever growing stronger. I get a sense that trees are the Earth’s wisdom keepers, and they had a more prominent place on our Earth before we incarnated. Their solid structure provides us with a foundation and a container for life. Trees are like a mother for those of us who at times feel like we do not belong or do not have the connections we long for. They are nurturing, strong and wise. If we touch, embrace and connect our hearts with the trees, we can experience being held and felt. Trees to me contain the wisdom of the soul. I would like to share some images I have captured of trees that feel special to my soul.”

Alef Day 2019/ Nick Theo

The Alef Trust workshop day, held in November 2019 in London, brought together about 30 students and faculty for a day of getting to know each other as we explored transpersonal practices. We returned to the appreciative inquiry initiated last year, asking: “What can support us and nourish us as we work within a transpersonal paradigm, and what can transpersonal practices bring to the world?” and “Where do we want to go from here and what do we want to create?”

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