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Trauma and the Land – Healing History Workshop

June 14 @ 10:00 am - June 16 @ 4:00 pm

This transformative 3 day workshop offers an immersion in experiential ‘process-oriented’ and collaborative learning, connecting with nature and exploring the intersection of trauma, ecology, and the land. It will be facilitated by Dr Gary Reiss from Hawaii/Oregon and Emmanuel Karisa Baya from Kenya, both experienced trauma and conflict transformation facilitators with extensive backgrounds in Process-Oriented Psychology, Worldwork and Deep Democracy. The facilitators will be joined by additional speakers invited to share experience.

The workshop will include:

  • Earth-based meditations and ‘Process Mind’ wisdom
  • Engaging the ‘dreaming process’ underlying community and environmental Challenges
  • Connecting with the Earth and ‘communing with the soil’
  • Awareness-based approaches to processing conflicts in bodies and relationships
  • Developing Community Leadership

People attending the workshop are likely to have experienced displacement, wounding or ‘disconnect’ from their soil or land whether through conflict, climate change, globalisation. Relevant fields are farming or land stewardship, marginalised communities, ‘main-streamers’ seeking transformation, and the arts.

The approaches are holistic, pointing to how we can unfold traumatic his-stories or energies trapped in our body/minds, communities and the land, exploring how these can be healed or transformed with awareness and informed by nature herself. An aim will be to discover leadership and awareness skills, creativity, and purpose informed through nature.


The Old Postern, Schumacher College
Dartington Estate
Totnes, United Kingdom
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The Alef Field