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Mystics and Scientists Conference 2024 – Love, Forgiveness and Compassion: Where Spirituality Meets Science

April 11 @ 5:00 pm - April 14 @ 6:30 pm

Come and join the Scientific & Medical Network online for inspiration and illumination with our like-minded community at our 2024 annual Mystics and Scientists Conference – for over 45 years these meetings have been dedicated to forging a creative understanding of the complementary roles of rational scientific and intuitive mystical approaches to reality. Our topic this year is Love, Forgiveness and Compassion – Where Spirituality Meets Science.

Speakers: Prof David Cadman, Ricky Derisz, Prof James R. Doty, Dr Natalie Dyer, Prof Paul Gilbert, Audrey Kitagawa, Satish Kumar, David Lorimer, Prof Jenny Mascaro, Dr Caroline Myss, Dr Judith Orloff, Prof Stephen Post, Yehuda Tagar, Prof Scherto Gill, Prof Everett Worthington

We have an amazing line-up of speakers to inspire you on your path towards fulfilment and understanding of these crucial conference themes so important in our divided times driven by vicious cycles of trauma, fear, revenge and leading to further polarisation. These destructive drivers are unsustainable, as are authoritarian responses, so this conference provides you with an opportunity to step back and reflect on how we can co-creatively reconfigure ourselves, our relationships and our centralised technocratic systems.

As the Bulgarian sage Peter Deunov prophetically stated: “Today it is not just separate individuals but whole societies and nations that find themselves subjected to great pressure and tension, up against difficult situations that they are unable to resolve and balance. We are entering a period of liquidation… a new law and order are coming into the world…. It is only love that has the power to set the world to rights. In order to improve conditions on Earth, people must love. The future world is a world of love and understanding between people; it will be a world of brotherhood and freedom. The present world is destined to undergo a great transformation… the present sufferings are the birth pangs of the new human being.” (Prophet for our Times, The New Epoch)

The conference will begin on Friday afternoon with Stephen Post talking about unlimited love and his collaboration with Sir John Templeton. Judith Orloff will share her insights on the transformative power of empathy, then on Saturday morning we will convene a symposium on love with three speakers who have lived this out in their lives: Satish Kumar, Scherto Gill and David Cadman. After lunch, there will be an experiential session on empathy and forgiveness with Yehuda Tagar, followed by an inspiring keynote with Caroline Myss. The day will be rounded off by a three-way dialogue on the science of compassion with James R. Doty, Jennifer Mascaro and Marjorie Woollacott. On Sunday, Paul Gilbert will address the theme of evolution and compassion, and Audrey Kitigawa will offer a spiritual perspective from her lived experience of the Divine Feminine. Ricky Derisz will give us an experiential session on self-compassion, then Everett Worthington will share his insights on the power of forgiveness and reconciliation, and finally Natalie Dyer will round the conference off with a talk on embodying universal love.

As you can see from this brief description, this very special meeting is not be missed, so we are very much looking forward to your participation! And do spread the word among your friends!

“Love brings life, wisdom brings light and knowledge, while truth brings freedom. Love is fundamental to life, while light, knowledge and freedom are conditions for the manifestation of love.” – Peter Deunov, 1940




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