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Healing humanity: Imagination, embodiment and community

June 1 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The crises of our times invite a metamorphosis of our human ways of being. Wars are raging, polarisation seems rampant, consumerism is the norm, we’re glued to our smartphones, and a sense of existential threat pervades the news, besieging our consciousness day in, day out. When trying to change things for the better, it can feel like the odds are stacked against us. It can feel like we have little influence and agency, and more and more of us are either burning out, dropping out, or falling out.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Emerging scientific research now clearly shows us what indigenous and contemplative wisdom keepers have known all along: That all life on earth is interconnected, that the human mind is embedded in deeper fields of consciousness connecting us to earth and cosmos, and, crucially, that we can access and engage with these fields and draw on their intelligence to help us navigate uncertainties and shape a better future. In this session we’ll explore just how this can be done.

The answer is multi-faceted: Working with the deeper fields of consciousness involves leveraging the generative powers of our imagination. The stories we tell ourselves shape our reality. They are blueprints in our psyche which become embodied and enacted, and by changing those blueprints we can change what happens inside us and between us. Changing our blueprints involves going beyond rationality and working with active imagination, channelling other ways of knowing. We are multi-dimensional beings, and we reach the deeper streams of consciousness by connecting with our emotional, energetic, intuitive, spiritual channels. As we learn to navigate the depths of our being, we become more conscious of the restrictive stories that often shape our reality and we learn to transform them. By surrendering to deeper wisdom of earth and cosmos we come into more natural alignment and can thereby help shape the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

In this, we also need to recognise that we are profoundly relational beings, compelled by social norms and karmic patterns transmitted through our ancestral lines and cultures. Attempts to reform and transform our ways of being and doing become easier when we come together in intentional communities that can support and resource our efforts. Together, we can heal restrictive and destructive patterns, and evoke shared intentions that can strengthen individual and collective efforts, by evoking new visions and stories that generate ripple effects in ourselves and in the world at large.

In this session we will dive into these ideas and consider how we can each work with imagination, intention, and embodiment to galvanise changes for the better – inside us and between us.

Bio: Dr Jessica Bockler is an applied artist and transpersonal psychologist who has spent the past two decades exploring how integrative practices, spiritual wisdom and creativity can catalyse individual and collective transformation. Jessica is a co-founding director of the Alef Trust, a global provider of transpersonal and integrative education. She is the research lead of Alef Trust’s Conscious Community Initiative which galvanises and supports projects for human flourishing, social justice, peace and sustainability. She is a certified Sesame soul work practitioner (Sesame Institute) and a Warm Data Lab host (Bateson Institute), combining expressive arts and imagination with deep dialogue practices to help people address local and global challenges.

Jessica is on the academic advisory board of the Inner Development Goals initiative, and she is a member of the Presencing Institute’s research community, acting as reviewer for the Journal of Awareness-based Systems Change and as editorial board member for The International Journal of Presencing Leadership and Coaching which is launching in June 2024. Jessica is also an active member of the UN’s Conscious Food Systems Alliance where she contributes to research and publications. Lastly, she holds memberships with the British Psychological Society and the Royal Society for Public Health, and she is a fellow of the RSA.A


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