In the course of sharing the call for participants for my MSc dissertation research project with Alef Trust, several months ago I was introduced to Sean Blackwell and his work. For more than 15 years, Sean has been sharing information and experiences of spiritual emergence and emergency through his Bipolar Awakenings community. An author, practitioner, and experienced podcast host, Sean invited me in this podcast to talk about my current research exploring the relationship between inner transformation and outer engagement with social change and sustainability activities.

Join us for a wide-ranging conversation containing experiences of personal transformation, observations on the current cultural devolutionary process and polycrisis, and the need to engage in deep work with embedded trauma. We move on to discuss a working definition of personal consciousness, the ripple effect of individual healing, and the importance of normalizing transpersonal experiences of all types. Sean asks me to disclose how my own awakening process led to consciousness studies and Alef Trust MSc research, and shares how his life purpose and work was revealed through his own developmental crisis. We touch upon the evolution of consciousness, transpersonal theories of state and stage development, and research from Rhea White, Ken Wilber, Jennie Wade, and Marie Grace Brook.

In this discussion exploring the relationship between personal transformation and social change, Sean observes that “It seems like you are looking to implement social change through doing research on social change…” – give a listen and see what you think.

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