Nicholas Opyrchal is a transpersonal psychotherapist and PhD candidate with Alef Trust, as well as an academic marker and research MA supervisor with the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education. In this podcast he engages with Michael Dewan-Herrick, the host of Questioning Woke Psychotherapy. Their discussion revolves around the relationship of transpersonal psychotherapy and psychology to the phenomena of ‘culture war’.

Nicholas draws on his current and previous research and attempts to move the frame beyond the exceedingly popular – yet decidedly low resolution – view of the culture war as being a clash between ‘woke Marxists’ and ‘populist fascists’. He discusses why he disputes this commonly held view, explaining why he thinks that this phenomena of culture war is a by-product of neoliberalism, why ‘wokeness’ is not really Marxist or postmodern, how populism is gaining traction in excluded populations, and what differentiates a transpersonal approach to psychotherapy from an ideological approach. In doing so he challenges the orthodoxies on both sides of the culture war, in the hope of finding a transpersonal alternative.
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