Creative Bridges 24 Alef Trust Conference

We are delighted to share a more detailed invitation to join our upcoming Creative Bridges conference from 4th-8th September 2024 in Oxford, UK. If you haven’t attended a EUROTAS conference before, see what participants from previous years are saying!

You are still in time to submit a proposal and take advantage of the Early Bird rate. We hope to see you there!

  • Share your visions of what is new and vibrant in research, in ways of practice, and in applied transformative perspectives around the world.
  • Connect with other leading thinkers and practitioners, both in transpersonal psychology and in cognate areas, who will be presenting their work, and focusing on the creative bridges they see as crucial to our future.
  • Immerse yourself in featured panel discussions, workshops and individual papers, as well as social and cultural events.
  • Contribute to stimulating networking and the sparking of new ideas.
  • Participate in the energy for exploration and spiritual renewal for our times.

This year’s annual EUROTAS conference is hosted by Alef Trust, in partnership with the Transpersonal Section of the British Psychological Society, Scientific and Medical Network and a growing community of partner organisations.

Our title is Creative Bridges: Embodied Consciousness, Psyche & Soul in Research and Practice, and the theme focuses on building new bridges to renew transpersonal psychology and allied disciplines. We are delighted to welcome leading thinkers from various fields who appreciate the role of spirituality and consciousness in integrative development. We invite you to contribute your unique perspective to this transformative event!


A limited number of reduced rate tickets are available until 31st March.
Take advantage of the early bird fee while you can!


We extend a warm invitation for your organization to join us as a conference partner. Together, we aim to amplify the visibility of the perspectives and shared values that define our transpersonal community, both during and beyond the four days of the conference.

If you would like your organisation to be included as Partner Organisation or Exhibitor, please contact us for details.


We welcome your proposals for contributions to the event! These may include:

  • Workshops
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Individual presentations
  • Laboratories of practice
  • Performance & visual art
  • Pre/post conference workshops
  • Posters

Please send your contributions by 31st March via our submissions page.


The conference aims to re-evaluate and nurture connections – between disciplines, theory and practice, past and present spirituality, and research and positive global change. Held at the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and holistic well-being, this conference serves as a dynamic platform for scholars and practitioners to exchange ideas, showcase groundbreaking research, and forge collaborative connections.


Inter-disciplinary dialogue is at the heart of our conference programme, and our distinguished keynote speakers embody a rich tapestry of expertise and scholarly explorations.

  • Chris Bache offers invaluable insights into the philosophical and spiritual implications of psychedelic experiences through his extensive research on non-ordinary states of consciousness.
  • Cheryl Hunt, a seasoned educator and scholar, reflects deeply on spirituality studies and critical reflection within professional practice.
  • Grevel Lindop, a multifaceted academic, poet, and critic, provides a unique perspective by exploring Romanticism, Victorian studies, and Buddhist meditation.
  • Athena Potari, a philosopher specializing in Hellenic wisdom traditions, merges rigorous scholarship with embodied spiritual practices to revive ancient philosophy.
  • Chris Roe, a distinguished psychologist, bridges the gap between parapsychology and mainstream psychology by delving into the complexities of anomalous experiences.
  • Steve Taylor illuminates spiritual awakening and consciousness evolution, contributing significantly to the discourse on psychology and spirituality.
  • Cassandra Vieten, a renowned clinical psychologist and mind-body medicine researcher, pioneers research on psychedelics and health, pushing the boundaries of conventional therapy.
  • Marjorie Woollacott explores the frontiers of consciousness through groundbreaking research on meditation, spiritual awakening, and end-of-life experiences.

Together, these keynote speakers will sow seeds of interdisciplinary wisdom and research across the conference’s fertile ground, nurturing the growth of ideas.


After the keynote presentations, the seeds take root and begin to flourish in panel dialogues with ideas intertwining and challenging each other. With the contributions of track chairs, panel guests, and the participating audience the conversations become even more diverse and vibrant. Together, we cultivate understanding and insight, creating an open and receptive space for creatively bridging diverse concepts and perspectives.


During the conference, you will have the opportunity to engage in smaller group sessions, offering a diverse range of formats for Creative Bridges 2024 participants to share their work.

Workshops will provide immersive experiences led by at least two facilitators. This year we are introducing the new format of laboratories of practice, which bring together several practitioners sharing shorter experiential offerings around a shared theme.

Individual talks will offer concise insights into specialized topics, followed by Q&A. Meanwhile, roundtable discussions will allow a participatory exploration of conference themes with a minimum of three participants and a chair facilitating the dialogue. Together, these sessions will foster an environment of active engagement and experiential learning, encouraging participants to deepen their embodiment and insight.


Are you ready to infuse the Creative Bridges 2024 conference with your artistic touch? We welcome diverse forms of expression to foster holistic and creative meaning-making. Whether it’s music, drama, or any other form of artistic performance that resonates with transpersonal or spiritual perspectives, we want to showcase your talents and enrich our understanding of the conference themes.

Additionally, we’re excited to provide a platform for visual artists. Imagine your work featured in a “transpersonal art exhibition,” where your creations can spark conversations and inspire others… shall we make this happen?

Please send your contributions by 31st March via our submissions page


Each day of the conference will conclude with a reflective session, providing an opportunity for participants to contemplate and discuss the day’s themes, insights, and experiences. The “Integration Station” space will also be available every day, offering a supportive environment for attendees to gather and process any challenging or transformative moments that have arisen during the conference.


Enjoy enriching social and networking opportunities throughout the Creative Bridges 2024 conference, as participants converge from around the globe to share insights and build lasting connections. A buffet lunch will be served every day in the historical South Schools great hall. In the evenings, you can participate in group activities, such as a film screening and discussion on Thursday, and a memorable dinner and performance on Saturday evening.

Beyond the conference agenda, you can discover Oxford’s many delightful cafes and bars, where engaging conversations can flow freely. Join with new friends in the evening to explore the city’s fine restaurants, offering both local flavours and global cuisine. We will share further suggestions for evening activities in Oxford closer to the date.


Conference accommodation has been secured in the iconic New College building, immersed in a mediaeval ambience, embraced by Oxford’s historical charm. Begin each day with breakfast in the splendid dining room and explore the serene chapel and gardens at your leisure. Rooms are also available at a lower rate in the nearby Waynflete Building, also providing options for a comfortable stay. Alternatively, you may wish to make your own arrangements. Be sure to book in advance, as Oxford is a popular late summer destination in September.


The conference also offers you an excellent opportunity to experience the timeless allure of Oxford, a city rich in history and charm. Take leisurely strolls through its historic colleges, including the famed Bodleian Library and Radcliffe Camera. Nestled by the conference venue, you can find solace in the tranquil Botanical Garden, a haven of natural beauty. Follow the gentle flow of the River Thames as it winds through the city, offering moments of reflection and serenity. In Oxford’s streets, every step is an invitation to uncover stories etched into the fabric of its past, enriching your stay with soulful discoveries.


Send your proposal for workshops, presentations etc by 31st March

Reserve your Early Bird ticket by 31st March

Contact us as soon as possible if you wish to join as a partner organisation.

Book your accommodation in New College or Waynflete building through the conference website, or make your own accommodation arrangements as soon as possible

Make travel plans for Oxford… and maybe some sightseeing?!

Please share this invitation to join Creative Bridges 2024 wiith any friends, colleagues, contacts and networks who may be interested in participating in this unique event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford to build bridges towards a new future together!
Alef Trust, EUROTAS & the Creative Bridges team


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