This was the last session in a series of dialogues that we have been hosting, exploring transpersonal perspectives on the corona pandemic and the challenges we are facing collectively at this time. In this session we delved into an idea that is traditionally associated with magical or religious thinking: The idea that our lives may be shaped and informed by patterns and powers of agency which arise from a deeper intelligence beyond the human realm, interconnecting us with earth and cosmos. From this perspective the emergence of the coronavirus with all its implications and effects is necessarily meaningful in the sense that it bears a purpose. We invite you to watch and dialogue with this recording of the session, considering what corona as a transformative agent may be galvanising within you. We also invite you to reflect on the collective beliefs and stories we are telling ourselves at this time, and the power of myth. In our session we considered the need for new narratives which could act as pathways to change, reminding us of our deeper nature and bringing humanity into a greater alignment with Earth, with the power of myth.
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