Yesterday Alef Trust held the first of our summer dialogues, “Corona & Beyond”. Dr. Steve Taylor introduced “The Alchemy of Acceptance”, in conversation with Dr. Jessica Bockler and Prof. Les Lancaster.

Acceptance is an essential spiritual quality. Resisting the present reality of our lives – and resisting the reality of our predicament as human beings – leads to conflict and frustration. Steve Taylor’s research has shown that ‘post-traumatic transformation’ (equivalent to spiritual awakening) often occurs when a person accepts their predicament, letting go of their resistance to it. In this session, Steve read some of his poetic reflections and led meditative, creative and embodied exercises with Jessica Bockler. Our challenging times call on cultivating a greater awareness of the process by which we can shift into acceptance, whether in relation to the everyday demands of our lives, aspects of our own lives, or general aspects of human life such as ageing and death.

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