Our challenging times call for a widening of perspectives, as we continue to navigate this turbulent and disruptive crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic. This third dialogue in the Corona & Beyond summer series explored how the ancient wisdom and ritual practices of the shamanic paradigm can be beneficial for us. Dr. Steven Schmitz shared his vision of ways that Shamanism, a practical, earth-based tradition and the oldest form of spiritual healing, can help bring more balance, empowerment and health into our life.

Topics raised included the world view of a shamanic paradigm and how this relates to psychology.  Concrete and practical ways to shift the negative energy that makes us feel helpless or reactive were considered, with examples of simple yet powerful ritual practices that we can integrate into our everyday lives. Participants’ questions, personal experiences and resonances also wove into the lively emergent dialogue. This experiential approach underlines the importance of doing this work in a sacred way, connecting with Spirit through conscious intention that anyone can draw upon.

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