This dialogue about Art as a planetary garden of compassionate novelty explored the emerging roles of art and artists during and after the pandemic. We considered the realigning of earth and heart during times of crisis and quarantine: restoring balance through engagement with the archetypes of art. Our discussion reflected on art as a planetary garden, innovative and compassionate technologies, and the caring cultivation of the Noosphere, all of which have valuable contributions to make to our sense of wholeness and our capacity to envision and rebuild the life of the Self and the culture during these changing times. We heard of a group of women artists and scientists who sent their photos to the Moon and back to Earth during the quarantine, and we took a filmic spiritual journey in a desert and oasis.

The painting Alterpieces by Hilma af Klint inspired our meditative voyage:
Stepping into a cosmic portal, the earth is moist under the feet, the atmosphere is crystal clear and the wind softly blowing stardust.
Sensing presence in the temple of art, spiral shapes are dancing and becoming, forming into existence, turning mind into matter, spirit into sentient visions. Encircled by Earth, the choreography is bound by the gravity of circling planets partnered by the Moon and the Sun.
At the altar of art, to the background of the sky manifest Hilma af Klint’s Altarpieces, a triptych with a golden disc at its centre. To one side of the disc stands the triangle of Earth facing downwards, crowned by a planet placed on its base.  A tiny white circle within a small circle engulfs two blue triangles that draw us deeper into the heart of the central disc of pure gold, leading us to reach beyond the veil of hues. To the other side of the disc stands the triangle of the sky, shining in all its glory.
The triangle of Earth connects the brain with the feet, the mind with the body, tuning planetary reception and action, adjusting the north sense.
The triangle of the sky cleanses the doors of perception with its crown of limitless light; it opens the noetic eyes of the intellect and the imagination to the field of consciousness.
The triangle of Earth and the triangle of the sky are the universal poles that adjust the flow of matter and spirit. The triangles shape shift at the centre of the disc into a magical talisman invoking the voyager to access the great mystery of the macrocosm.
Flanked by rhythms of the cosmos, the altar of art is realigning the pulse of earth and heart. This is Art as a planetary garden of compassionate novelty .

Lila Moore teaches a course in The Shamanic Spirit in 21st Century Art, Culture & Technology at Alef Trust.
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