This dialogue in the Corona & Beyond summer series began inviting our participants to share what was most present for them. We acknowledged that we are living in a time of radical change… and that from the Corona ashes, we shall rise again! A new paradigm of changing perspectives is emerging – one that is calling for a more Eco-logical way of being in the world, including our relationships, our work, and our personal lives. Ego (self-centred) logic has played a significant role in the current crises that pervade our world. This collective chronic ego-logic has reached a breaking point, and we need a new way forward.  The Eco-logical approach includes caring for ourselves, each other, and our environment in sustainable ways. The Eco-logical perspective may help us to navigate these radical changes more resourcefully, and support us in co-creating the conditions that we all want to experience – now and for generations to come.

During this dialogue, I proposed that tunnel awareness, on the individual and collective level, might be an underpinning factor behind many of the pervasive issues that we face in the world today. Corona may then represent a potential tipping point (a global transpersonal burnout), and thus, serve as an opportunity for us to revaluate our priorities and to more consciously collaborate toward changing perspectives towards vision of new normal based on the win-win-win concept.

Applied Open Awareness (AOA) is proposed in all contexts, and you can directly experience this yourself with the simple exercises in the session recording.  Participants in the live webinar shared insights and questions this raised for them. AOA forms a fundamental aspect of the transpersonal coaching model that I teach in the Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Certificate course at Alef Trust, and our students and graduates are also using it to be beacons of light in the world at this time.
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