Corona & Beyond: Dialogues

This cycle of six fortnightly dialogues was held between July and October 2020. Themes that emerged in the opening webinar Corona and Beyond: Transitioning to a new paradigm, held on 9th June 2020, were expanded by guest speakers in conversation with hosts Dr. Jessica Bockler and Prof. Les Lancaster. Transpersonal psychologists, coaches, creative and spiritual practitioners from the Alef Trust faculty explored what we each can do to find greater alignment, meaning and balance in turbulent times. The dialogue opened to include questions and discussion from participants, learning from each other as we envision the unfolding of a different future.

  1. Corona & Beyond: Dialogues
This was the last session in a series of dialogues that we have been hosting, exploring transpersonal perspectives on the corona pandemic and the challenges we are facing collectively at this time. In this session we delved into an idea that is traditionally associated with magical or religious thinking: The idea that our lives may […]
  1. Corona & Beyond: Dialogues
This dialogue about Art as a planetary garden of compassionate novelty explored the emerging roles of art and artists during and after the pandemic. We considered the realigning of earth and heart during times of crisis and quarantine: restoring balance through engagement with the archetypes of art. Our discussion reflected on art as a planetary […]
  1. Corona & Beyond: Dialogues
Our challenging times call for a widening of perspectives, as we continue to navigate this turbulent and disruptive crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic. This third dialogue in the Corona & Beyond summer series explored how the ancient wisdom and ritual practices of the shamanic paradigm can be beneficial for us. Dr. Steven Schmitz shared his […]
  1. Corona & Beyond: Dialogues
Yesterday Alef Trust held the first of our summer dialogues, “Corona & Beyond”. Dr. Steve Taylor introduced “The Alchemy of Acceptance”, in conversation with Dr. Jessica Bockler and Prof. Les Lancaster. Acceptance is an essential spiritual quality. Resisting the present reality of our lives – and resisting the reality of our predicament as human beings […]

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