“I have come to believe that creativity is our true nature.” Julia Cameron

  1. Art
What will spirituality look like in 50 years? Can we create ‘technology for the soul’? What would that look like? Moreover, what conversations will artists be having about spirituality in 50 years? As some issues are solved, will others appear? In 50 years, what questions and themes will artists be addressing in relation to spirituality? […]
  1. Art
Today we celebrate the 26th Anniversary of the Chauvet Cave Discovery.  The groundbreaking discovery of the Chauvet Cave forever altered the archaeological and psychological understanding of prehistoric, human artistic expression and creative development. On this day in 1994, three speleologists (cave specialists) by the name of Jean-Marie Chauvet, Éliette Brunel, and Christian Hillaire were exploring […]
  1. Creative
  2. Poetry
Broken City Sounds (Have we lost our voice to modern civilization?) Within the cubicle confines of the clamorous city, regimented rows of bolted-up vacuums store massed-up dehumanized souls. And amongst the smoking sidewalks whispers that started in the Womb of the earth below are adulterated by the dull echoes off concrete walls. Soft sighing Breezes, […]

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