“Better Light a Candle is a distillation of my life experience, a poetic reflection on life’s polarities, on light and darkness, hope and despair, love and fear, healing and wounding, gain and loss, spring and autumn, unfolding and refolding, opening and closing, birth, death and rebirth, remembering and forgetting, fire and water, time and the timeless, breathing in and breathing out, the flow, the rhythm and the cycles of life. The poems hold out possibilities for awakening and transformation without underestimating the gravity of our collective challenges while affirming the ultimate spiritual power of Love, Wisdom and Truth in our perennial quest for authenticity, freedom, peace, community and fulfilment.”

Better light a candle than curse the darkness – Chinese Proverb



To see and to be seen
To hear and to be heard
To open and to be opened
To be touched and to touch
To be loved and to love,
Is the fruit of light distilled,
The woven texture,
The feel,
The taste,
The priceless currency
Of life

Better Light a Candle is published by Lulu Press, and available as an ebook and paperback.

The online launch was held in aid of refugees at the Cross Border House, Poland.

The Cross Border House was established under the Sichów Educational Foundation and is managed by Davi Lorimer’s good friends the founders, Amber Poole Kieniewicz and Paul Kieniewicz. In February of 2022, with support from Stefan Dunin-Wąsowicz and Anna Glińska, the Foundation made the decision to suspend its programme so that it could operate as a shelter and support system for Ukrainian refugees.

The donations we receive are what allows us to care for and assist the residents here as they continue to endure the many impacts of the war and prepare for life afterwards. Your contribution assures this objective, and your donations will go directly and exclusively to support the service of the Ukrainian residents at The Cross Border House.

Please support this altruistic humanitarian initiative at a time when most of us will be celebrating in comfort and warmth with our family and friends.


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