This valuable book asks how we can transcend our tribal, philosophical and religious differences by developing a connection with the organizing force of Universal Consciousness equated with wisdom, intelligence and love. The book is in four parts: understanding consciousness, accessing Universal Consciousness, towards greater wholeness, and transforming our institutions. In the foreword, Ilia Delio makes the interesting remark that consciousness cannot be reduced to matter ‘because it is the fundamental entanglement of matter and experience.’ As I write, the events over the last few days in Ukraine show that we are still collectively caught in pursuing unity through violence and conquest, which can only produce the corresponding opposing force and perpetuate conflict through overt and covert means – as well as demonizing the enemy. Even so, more people are becoming conscious of the wholeness referred to in this study, which is also grounded in a new science of consciousness at three levels identified by the author as surface, liminal and bedrock. His explanations here are well-informed and clear, including the mind-brain relationship, quantum physics and mystical experience brought together in a new paradigm.

Edwin describes many portals to an understanding of consciousness, including dreams, meditation, prayer, music, symbols and rituals. As such, we are capable of moving between dimensions of consciousness, and here the author shares his own experiences as well as those of other writers. He then moves on to implications of this larger view for our collective evolution, including facing the shadow and taking responsibility for disruptions and disconnections to become ‘an agent of holism’. This also involves transforming our institutions and reimagining education in ways that nurture the soul, cultivating our intuitive capacity and emotional intelligence. Business and government are still caught up in systems of power and control based on ‘a rational, analytic, ego-driven dream.’ This may well have to break down before we can break through and enact a new vision of reality based on a deeper understanding of and connection with Universal Consciousness. In this respect, Edwin’s book heralds the kind of New World to which many readers are already committed.
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