This work did not come to me easily. I was not a natural.

 As the son of protective immigrant parents, I didn’t fit in well at school. By the time I was a young adult I was shy, awkward, anxious—I had no idea how to just be normal—let alone how to be my best self.

I was about as disconnected from myself as anyone you’d ever meet. But I knew there was much more to me, and I wanted to bring it out.

I tried religion, self-help books, meditation, psychotherapy, herbs, special diets, spirituality, holistic practitioners, workshops, higher education, mystics, healers, even marriage…you name it, I tried it. Nothing made the difference.

In the end, I found what I was looking for. It was right here inside of me…and it was the part of me that was doing the looking.

But it happened by accident, and it took a long time.

I was doing bodywork at a spa because even though I hadn’t found my path, I needed a job. Doing the same physical work over and over started to get me deeper into myself.

Then one day it happened. I noticed that when I was working, I shifted into a different state of consciousness. With that state came the opening of new abilities to feel what was happening in me and be able to feel what was happening in other people’s experience as well.

 I paid careful attention and practiced entering that state over and over, until I saw exactly how it unfolded. Over many years, I learned how to use that state to develop the high-level skills I had been looking for. 

That is when I went back for a doctoral degree so I could make sure the work was scientifically sound, as well as easy to learn, before bringing it out into the world.

I used these skills to be successful in my doctoral studies, after which I was invited to become editor of a scientific journal, and to create and chair a doctoral program—things I could not have achieved without these attention strategies.

Now I would like to share this work with you. I developed these as tools for myself, because I needed something more effective than anything I could find. Now I would like to show you how you can use these same simple, easy-to-learn practices to access those deeper resources within.

By using these powerful practices for yourself, you’ll open to your own core capacities to stay in a high-performance state… clear, focused, productive and fully engaged with your life and others.  

Come and discover how to live with more impact and resilience from your Whole Person Presence!

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