The impact of the recent earthquakes in Turkey is huge. Images and statistics on the news tell of great devastation and terrible suffering. We are moved to do what we can to help and are making a donation on behalf of Alef Trust.

One of our alumni, Ecem Eks has family in Turkey and has suggested a charity to which donations should be given. Please see her message below.


Les Lancaster and Jessica Bockler
Directors, Alef Trust


Dear Alef Trust Community,

This is an urgent appeal. The Turkish government has declared an official disaster and is in need of immediate international help. Two massive earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.8 have struck Turkey and 10 cities have disappeared in the southeast region. Gone forever.

Many buildings including hospitals, supermarkets, GP surgeries, homes, schools, universities and main roads have collapsed, leaving hundreds of thousands of people trapped under rubble. It’s not just 1000, 2000 people as the media say, it’s hundreds of thousands of people. The death toll is rising and given the economic conditions, urgent help will be needed. People are facing extreme cold weather out there. It’s -10.

Imagine you wake up one day and see everything around is flat or even worse you are under rubble and hoping someone will hear your screams. How would you sense the time? There are women, kids, babies, men, animals, with their stories, families, dreams, heartbeats under the rubble. I can’t hold my tears as I type, I don’t have any words to express this disaster.

Turkey Mozaik Foundation was founded by Turkish-British people living in the UK and they set up a donation page to collect contributions for organisations working on relief efforts. I’ve contacted the co-founders, and would greatly appreciate it if you can donate and could share this information with your contacts who may be willing to help.

Please send your kind donations to Turkey Mozaik Foundation
through their Just Giving platform

Please contact with me directly if you have any questions

Thank you so much.

Ecem Eksioglu

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