This sound journey is designed to guide you through the process of integrating your whole nature and harmonizing all internal processes from their inception to the moment of harvesting experience from each one.

Find a quiet space where you can listen with headphones and devote twenty-two and a half minutes to your renewal, which you can later share with the world.

When I create a personal composition for someone, I usually begin by meditating on the request and the person it came from. My compositions are created using live instruments, recordings of sounds from nature and various techniques to achieve the right sound. I use guitar, bells and flutes in some compositions. Others include didgeridoo, percussion and drums, or throat singing, glukophone, singing bowls and Armenian duduk. Each track is unique and deeply related to the request and each individual. For me, it is a magical ritual that works to heal the planet, develop people’s sensitivity, and help open their hearts. I therefore want my sound compositions to become true friends and assist people on their path to self-discovery.

My wife Iia and I have also prepared some tips for conscious and thoughtful engagement with any of our compositions, which I’d like to share with you here. Music has a wonderful ability to evoke emotions and awaken the soul, and has long been a source of inspiration within religions around the world. The Bible tells us that more than two thousand years ago, when Elisha, the Jewish prophet, sought inspiration, he cried out: “But now, bring me a harpist. And while the harpist played, the hand of the LORD came upon Elisha” (2 Kings 3:15). Another interesting passage in the Bible tells us: “Let our Lord command your servants here to seek out someone who can skillfully play the harp. Whenever the spirit of distress from God is upon you, he is to play it, and you will be well” (1 Samuel 16:16).

Unfortunately, we rarely give music a chance to fully and positively influence us. Instead, we listen to it passively while driving, eating, talking or playing, our attention diverted elsewhere. Yet the beneficial effects of music and the enjoyment it brings is greatly enhanced through thoughtful listening.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable spot, and relax. Then listen to the music and enjoy it as fully as possible. From time to time, you may notice that your mind is wandering in daydreams and errant thoughts and that you may not have been listening to music for the last few minutes. Whenever this happens, just gently turn your attention back, focusing on the music again. In this way you can develop focus, and also a greater sensitivity and clarity of awareness.

Listen very closely. Try to capture the details that maybe you did not notice before — the high notes, background rhythms and emotions they evoke. This way of listening to music can make your mind more sensitive and focused, while awakening your soul.

You can find more free music on our SoundCloud channel. If you wish to order a personal sound composition for any type of request feel free to contact me and I will share our specially designed request form.

I wish you a magical life!

Artwork photo by Ramon Kagie ( on Unsplash
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