Alef Trust

Alef Trust is a globally-conscious non-profit organisation offering online graduate education programmes, validated by Liverpool John Moores University, Professional Certificate programmes, and Open Learning courses for academic, professional and personal development.

Our transpersonally oriented programmes and courses are derived from a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and holistic philosophy which integrates science and wisdom from Western and Eastern perspectives in psychology, consciousness and human potential. Through exploration of the interplay between mind, body and spirit, we offer an integral education to meet the evolving needs of our interconnected human community in order to foster harmony and transformation in individuals and communities.

The programmes and courses offered through Alef Trust are a response to the growing need to create sustainable and ethical development, social and ecological harmony and opportunities for individual growth and community transformation. Our programmes and courses flourish through a culturally diverse, globally distributed student body and are delivered by acclaimed instructors across a broad range of academic disciplines, research backgrounds and wellness philosophies.

Alef Trust programmes:

The Alef Field